Trump’s Tweets draw rebuke from many, including CSUB professor

Trump’s Tweets draw rebuke from many, including CSUB professor

President Donald Trump let loose a Twitter barrage Thursday morning against MSBC co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, and the Tweet about Brzezinski is drawing condemnation from many, including Republican leadership, including Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

On the June 29 episode of “The Richard Beene Show,” the topic was hotly discussed between host Richard Beene and regular guest Dr. Jeanine Kraybill, a Cal State University Bakersfield political science professor, who called Trump’s attack “foul.”

The attack on Brzezinski and Scarborough, who are engaged to be married, was a trending topic on social media all day and Trump’s actions drew condemnation and defense. Trump tweeted:


The back and forth between those in support and opposition to President Trump raged back and forth for most of the day. 

Kraybill described the comments as unbecoming of the president, a sentiment that was shared by many, but she took her statement further during her conversation with Richard Beene, who had said earlier in the show that people should not be surprised by Trump’s comments or behavior. 

“The thing I have mixed feelings about is when we hear people have the conversation, ‘well are we shocked?”’ Kraybill said. “But the idea that your president would do something like this is just disgusting.”

Others seemed to be in agreement with that assertion: 

The White House pushed back against the criticism.

The depth of the relationship between the Morning Joe pair — Brzezinski and Scarborough — and Trump has ranged from amicable to downright ugly. Earlier in the week, Brzezinski and Scarborough mocked Trump’s use of fake Time magazine covers at his golf resorts, which may have triggered Trump’s outburst on Thursday.

The Washington Post provides this video of their relationship between the parties before Thursday’s Twitter dust-up.

For the entire interview between Beene and Kraybill click on the link below to listen:

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