The Wood-Dale Market eyes its expansion to Seven Oaks

The Wood-Dale Market eyes its expansion to Seven Oaks

BAKERSFIELD — For the discerning meat customers, Stine Road’s Wood-Dale Market is the place for the expert advice on the perfect cut of meat for that big dinner or weekend barbecue.

Now that advice is about to get a lot deeper as the Vasquez family, which owns the market, is planning an expansion of their business to a second Bakersfield location later this year. The second location will open in the Grand Island Village in the Seven Oaks area of west Bakersfield.

“We are hoping for Oct. 1,” Israel Vasquez said.

Vasquez and his son, Chris, joined Richard Beene on the June 15 episode of “The Richard Beene Show” to discuss their business expansion to Seven Oaks, and about the background of their market.

“I’m going to say about two years ago, we decided we needed to grow the business,” said Israel Vasquez. “I believe if you stay the same you get passed up. We came up with what is the best location that would suit us, of who we are. We are your upscale meat department. There’s no better than the Seven Oaks area.”

Chris Vasquez said they found their space at Grand Island Village about four months ago. The new store will be about 3,000-square feet.

“Basically it’s going to be a meat market,” Israel Vasquez said. “That was my dream a few years back. I wanted to get away from the cans, the paper towels, because in reality there’s not much money there.”

They will offer some takeout items at the market, including barbecue and burgers.

Israel Vasquez acquired the historic business in 2003 during a long grocery strike.

“I said I can do this for myself,” said Vasquez, who had worked for Ralph’s during the prolonged strike of 2003. “My wife was always telling me that you’re smart enough, you know everything about the business and it’s time to do it for yourself.”

Despite tough competition, Israel Vasquez said they have tripled the business at Wood-Dale, and there’s a simple reason why: “a lot of it is from treating your customer right. Listening to your customer. It all starts from there. You treat your customer right, put out a good product and it’s hard to fail.”

The Vasquez’s said they expect to employ 15 people at the new location.

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