Beene, Kraybill discuss presidential management styles

Beene, Kraybill discuss presidential management styles

The daily news when it comes to President Donald Trump has focused on Russia, the courts and action — lots of action.

On Thursday’s “The Richard Beene Show,” Richard Beene and Cal State University Bakersfield political science professor Dr. Jeanine Kraybill discussed the president’s management style in comparison to others in the oval history through history.

“I have to believe it’s so important because style generally dictates loyalty, to a degree,” Beene said at the outset of the 24-minute conversation with Kraybill. “We’ve had a very disrupted four months whether by design or otherwise.”

Kraybill said studying the management style of president’s is an important academic pursuit, and how that management style defines a presidency.

“You will have some presidents who are cognizant of these theories,” Kraybill said.

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