Mayor Goh honors Bakersfield’s top scholar athlete

Mayor Goh honors Bakersfield’s top scholar athlete

It was Bakersfield Mayor Karen Goh’s first opportunity to hand out the annual Mayor’s Trophy for the Kern High School District’s top scholar athlete, and she presented an award to one of the city’s most stellar examples of scholarship, academics and activities.

During the Kern High School District’s annual PEAAK Awards, which were held May 17 at Bakersfield High School’s Harvey Auditorium, Goh called the name of BHS senior Ryan Crowley, who shined for the Drillers in sports and in the classroom.

Crowley becomes the third consecutive Driller to earn the prestigiuous award, but the first boy since 2012.

How about these statistics:

  • Has above a 4.0 GPA in his high school career
  • Varsity Captain of both the Driller Football and Basketball Teams
  • Will be attending Stanford University in the Fall
  • Wants to studied applied match and science and eventually become a doctor
  • One of 25 seniors in the nation honored with the U.S. Army Pro Football Hall of Fame Award for Excellence and Marshall Faulk honored him with his award.

Here are the past winners of the Mayor’s Trophy:

1977 Brian Busacca, Bakersfield

1978 Scott Whitley, West

1979 Vincent E. Sakowski, Garces

1980 Karen S. Weisman, Highland

1981 Danne DeWalt, East Bakersfield

1982 Mary K. Haller, Garces Memorial  and Fred H. Laningham III, West

1983 Pamela Ash, North

1984 Randy Graham, Bakersfield

1985 Linda Ross, North

1986 Mark D. Fletcher, West

1987 David L. Nahama, Foothill

1988 Bryan Mitchell Taylor, West

1989 Denise A. DeWalt, East Bakersfield

1990 Kathleen Elizabeth Haller, Garces

1991 Lisa M. Johns, North High

1992 Jeff Buckey, Bakersfield High

1993 David R. Beard, Foothill High

1994 Nicolette D. Ornelaz, Bakersfield

1995 Amber Jung, Foothill

1996 Jacob J. Stuebbe, Centennial

1997 Joshua Andrew Williams, North

1998 Matthew J. Antongiovanni, Garces and Bolanle O. Alade, Foothill

1999 Jill Christine Hodges, Stockdale

2000 Melissa Porter, East Bakersfield

2001 David Mathew Robles, Garces

2002 Blair J. Groefsema, Bakersfield

2003 Jacob Anthony Ceccarelli, Highland

2004 Katie Renee Pierucci, Centennial

2005 Richard Samuel Helvie, Garces

2006 Julia Aide Avila, South High

2007 Stephen John Hale, Garces

2008 Peter Alexander Mitchell, Bakersfield

2009 Darci Nicole Smith, Liberty

2010 Matthew Darr, Frontier

2011 Alexandra Collatz, Stockdale

2012 Silas Nacita, Bakersfield

2013 Kathryn Cornford, Frontier

2014 Lauren O’Connell, Frontier

2015 Ali Vaughn, Bakersfield

2016 Noelle Pardo, Bakersfield

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