The Essential Richard Beene Podcasts, April 16-22

The Essential Richard Beene Podcasts, April 16-22

It was a busy week for “The Richard Beene Show” and we wanted to provide a rundown of some of the best segments from the show between April 16-22.

Richard Gonzales on his father Pancho Gonzales

Richard had a fascinating interview with the son of Hall of Fame tennis great Pancho Gonzales. Richard Gonzales is a longtime Bakersfield resident, and he shared his thoughts about his father’s legacy.

Pancho Gonzales was a fiery player, who married and divorced six times, and was the father to nine children. He died in 1995 but his legacy included more than 1,200 victories in singles, and a pair of U.S. Open championships.


The anniversary of the Doolittle Raid on Japan

In what was a huge morale boost for the United States after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Col. Jimmy Doolittle’s raid against Japan showed the nation that the country was not going to sit back and take Japanese aggression.

Gen. James Whitehead stopped by the studio to talk with Richard about the raid and the 75th anniversary of the attack that changed American morale.

City Council candidate Bruce Freeman

During an April 18 conversation, Bakersfield City Council candidate Bruce Freeman stopped by to discuss the contentious race for the vacant Ward 5 seat on the council.


Managing Anger's Impact on Your Health

Dr. Raj Patel called in on Friday’s “The Richard Beene Show” to discuss the dangers of not managing anger, and how that can have a negative impact on year health.


Creating Craft Cocktails With the Cork Dorks

Thursday’s episode of “The Richard Beene” now features regular visits from “The Cork Dorks,” who broadcast on KERN sister station KRUSH 92.5 in San Luis Obispo County.

While Cork Dorks Adam Montiel and Jeremy West normally talk with Richard about the wine of the Central Coast, they introduced Richard to the emerging craft cocktail scene on the coast, including one company that’s making its own brandy.


Regional Transportation Planning

The headline isn’t necessarily exciting, but the important of regional transportation planning was the focus of Rob Ball, the planning director of the Kern County Council of Governments.

The Weekly Chat With Jeanine Kraybill

Cal State University Bakersfield political science professor Jeanine Kraybll is a regular on “The Richard Beene Show,” and on this day she discussed academic freedom.

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