Sanctuary Cities’ Scoff Law Ways Must End   By RALPH BAILEY

Sanctuary Cities’ Scoff Law Ways Must End By RALPH BAILEY

The logic behind the rise of the Confederate flag always escaped me. What happened to: to the winner go the spoils. Or even Teddy Roosevelt’s pronouncement’s a little more than 100 years ago calling for one flag, one language, one country. The latter is often used against immigrants by the same people who have the Confederate Flag waving proudly in their truck. And now liberals are using the same whackado logic to remain steadfast in support of sanctuary cities. In Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Chicago mayors including President Obama’s former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel declared the Windy City, “always will be a sanctuary city.” LAPD Chief Charlie Beck made front page news Monday vowing not to get involved in any deportation efforts by the federal government. I get Beck. I don’t get the mayors. It’s not the police’s job to run around and try and figure out folks immigration status. But for elected officials like Eric Garcetti to thumb their nose at the federal government and state categorically he won’t deport violent felons is treason. President-elect Trump is now forced to us his only bully pulpit weapon, the same used to rush in MLK Day … withhold federal funding to cities that do not cooperate. Try telling the parents and loved ones of Kathryn Steinle, a 32-year-old Bay Area woman fatally shot in the back by Mexican National Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, that US Cities create havens for these felons. We deported Steinle’s killer FIVE TIMES before he shot this young girl as she held her father’s hand. This not only highlights the importance of deportation but Trump’s burning desire to build the wall and get a hold of our borders. A debate over immigration was held all over the land last Tuesday. We call it an election. And those of us who believe in the law won! How many young, Cal Poly grads like Steinle have to die before we realize there are some people who simply don’t belong here. And that’s not elitist. That’s not bigoted. That is simply life. And sometimes life isn’t fair. Just ask Kathryn Steinle or I should say ask her family.

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