Bailey on the Ballot

Bailey on the Ballot

Here are my recommendations for Election 2016


PRESIDENT … Donald J. Trump … It’s not about the sideshow barker who somehow stole the nomination from the inept Gang of 17 but about preventing the Mafia-like corruption that seems to follow the Clintons. Please don’t forget, the next president determines who replaces Anton Scalia, which could alter the conservative balance of the Supreme Court for 50 years!

SENATE … Kamala Harris … because she’s an attractive “sista” for in the words of legendary Comedian Bill Murray in the classic film “Meatballs” “…it just doesn’t matter.” Loretta Sanchez, a former Republican, would be just as bad.

CONGRESS 21st District … Emilio Huerta effectively used his mom’s name to get in the general but at the end of the day Rep. David Valadao has done yeoman’s work in trying to get water to the Valley, to stop High Speed Rail and help end the gridlock in Washington. If you live in this district make sure to VOTE!! This race will be RAZOR CLOSE!!!

CONGRESS 23rd District … Kevin McCarthy faces one of his more effective challengers in years, however, the only drama on election night will be whether or not he garners 70 percent of the vote, which he won’t. But an easy win, nonetheless.

STATE ASSEMBLY … Manuel Ramirez is no Pedro Rios and I’d be lying if I said he’d be an effective assemblyman. But we want that smug, dishonest, coward who now represents the District out so badly we’d even support a know-nothing novice like Manuel over Rudy “The Patootie” Salas.

STATE ASSEMBLY … 32nd District … Vince Fong over teenaged Perrin Swanlund and after you sue your parents over that handle, keep trying son. We admire your hudspah, as my Jewish friends would say.

SUPERIOR COURT OFFICE #34 … Tiffany Organ Bowles needs your support, despite the fact her opponent, the cheating, dishonest, grand manipulator, Cory Woodward threw in the white towel, his name still appears on the ballot. Don’t screw around and not take this seriously. Towel or no towel, Woodward does not belong on the bench!

CITY COUNCIL Ward 2 … This is my neck of the woods and while I think he will go down in defeat to a much younger Andrae Gonzales, 34, I gotta go down with my Councilman, 62-year-old restaurateur Terry Maxwell. I like his brash, I don’t give a damn attitude. Reminds me of someone I know and love.

Ward 5 .. Meeting Ryan Nance today but will update.

Ward 6 … Jacquie Sullivan is being challenged for the first time in 12 years by a family law attorney named Bobby Cloud, who represents, in my opinion, a group of wanna be politicians who haven’t put n the civic time to create a track record of public service. Just because you’ve squirreled away a couple of bucks doesn’t make you competent to be a community leader. Jacquie is solid and proven and should have this seat until SHE decides to walk.

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