Swing And A Miss For Tim Kaine

I don’t know if anyone cares about VP debates at all- but with 2 horrific candidates running for president, it seemed like a great opportunity for the VP candidates to make a good impression- to give us a reason to root for either side. Well, Tim Kaine just handed that advantage right over to the GOP with his bizarre appearance in the debate. The constant talking over his opponent, the ludicrous Hillary cheerleading instead of answering questions, and the frequent sips of water all added up to the country realizing why Kaine has never really made it to the big time, politics-wise. Now we know. All he had to do was bombard Pence with crazy stuff Trump has said, then sit back and watch him struggle to defend him- and he couldn’t even manage that. Wow. So after Trump’s disastrous debate performance, Tim Kaine has somehow found a way to stop Hillary’s post-debate momentum dead in it’s tracks. They’re lucky that this was the only debate for the VP candidates, because Kaine is clearly not up to the task.

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