Too late, Kam

As a Seahawks fan since 1977, it pains me to say this, but Kam Chancellor’s holdout has gone too far, certainly to the point where it’s a bad deal for everyone involved. Kam is the best strong safety in the game, and a key component to the vaunted Legion of Boom, but he’s lost the respect of a lot of fans, myself included. First off, he has three years left on his contract- the contract he signed in good faith. Secondly, he makes between 4.5-7 million dollars a year, depending on incentives. One of his game checks is $267,000.00. Not bad for playing a game. So now he’s missed a month of training camp, which makes him prone to injury, he’s screwed over his teammates and his team. And the fans. Seattle won’t redo his contract, and shouldn’t. So he refuses to show up for work and honor his contract. That’s a low-class move right there. So the team can either trade him or let him sit out the season, which will cost him millions and greatly diminish his value to other teams next year. Personally, I hope they trade him to a scrub team where he can make bank while sitting out the playoffs for life. Let’s see how much he likes riding out his career in Raider or Jaguar gear. Good riddance to a great player with no loyalty or honor.

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