Trump has gone too far. Again.

Look, Donald Trump will never be president. He knows it, I know it, everybody knows it. But he makes for a hell of a sideshow during the really boring early stages of the election season. The stuff he says is always pretty funny until he slips up and shows us all just how dangerously stupid and shallow he is. This time, Trump suggested that Senator John McCain is not in fact a true war hero, because he was captured. Seriously. The Donald says he prefers the guys who “don’t get captured”. Holy cow. If you don’t know the story of McCain’s being shot down during a combat mission, or his five brutal years in the “Hanoi Hilton”, including two years in solitary confinement, I highly recommend that you read up on it. And when he was offered early release, but declined due to his belief in the “first in, first out” code. This was all despite some pretty gruesome injuries sustained in his ejection from the aircraft and subsequent capture- injuries that went largely untreated, by the way. And as for heroism, the Navy certainly disagree with Trump. McCain was awarded a Silver Star, Three Bronze Stars, The Legion Of Merit, The Navy Commendation Medal, and of course a Purple Heart. You may be wondering about Mr. Trump’s service during this time- well, his dad’s doctor got him four medical deferments for “bone spurs on his feet”- a condition that has never been verified. SO there you have it. An honest-to-god war hero vs. a clown who shouldn’t be allowed to visit the White House, let alone live there. And to add insult to injury, Trump, as only he can, has refused to apologize not only to McCain, but to countless families of P.O.W.s all over the country whose loved ones suffered and died while rich kids like Trump sat safe in their mansions.

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