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by Michael Hopper posted Jun 25 2014 11:31AM
Stay tuned....
by Scott Cox posted Jun 4 2014 4:13PM
The jury has rendered a verdict in the case of a young Bakersfield woman, whom according to investigators, was texting and speeding when she ran a stop sign and struck and killed another young woman. This texting stuff is completely out of control around here, and this jury had the chance to send a clear message to anyone else who might be driving and texting- take a person's life, and we'll throw the book at you. Well, they found the texter guilty of misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter, which I didn't even know was a thing. Since when is killing another human being a misdemeanor? Her 24 year old victim is gone forever, leaving her family and freinds to grieve her senseless loss. And the girl who killed her will be back on the street this time next year. That seems crazy to me. And good luck using this case to compel young drivers to put down their phones while driving, because kids these days aren't afraid of misdemeanors. This case was being watched by people all over the country to gauge how seriously we'd take this growing problem. I guess they got their answer.
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by Ralph Bailey posted Jun 4 2014 1:27PM
I know you’re going to call me a rationalist or hypocrite but Pedro A. Rios can beat Rudy “The Patootie” Salas, despite my long held belief that you don’t run the same candidate against the same candidate following a defeat.

But there are always exceptions to the rules and there are good reasons why the Rios/Salas race will be that one exception.

First, by the time the opinion media, meaning talk radio, got wind of the unfair and shameless radio ads the Salas folks ran back in ’08, the race was all but over. The absentee ballots were resting comfortably downtown, many of the low-income isolated voters had made up their minds and the by the time they figured out just how crass and underhanded the ads were, the fervor could not overwhelm Rudy’s considerable name recognition.

Now, however, because of four years of photo ops and no real answers to our most serious problems and because those ads have become so infamous, (Ads in which Rudy tried to imply that Rios was cited for distributing liquor to an undercover agent while a school teacher. When, in fact, the error, which Rios took full responsibility for, actually occurred when he was a 21-year-old kid, long before his teaching career began) the second time around is an entirely new ballgame.

I still stand by my politico credo: never nominate the same candidate against the same candidate who just beat you. I cite Adlai Stevenson, Leticia Perez and our newest member of the two time loser club … Fresno’s John Hernandez, who was taken to the woodshed last night by David Valadao for the second time.

But because the initial race was a phony and voters were unaware of Rudy’s shady ways, the SECOND time could be the charm for the educator from Delano. Now let’s hope the Agbalog camp keeps its promise and helps Rios and the Party tear down the Super Majority.
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