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by Scott Cox posted Dec 8 2013 3:05PM
I guess it's just part of the character of our little town, but as usual we have an epidemic of people taking the handicapped parking spaces at shopping centers around Christmastime. Great. Look, it's bad enough at any time of the year, but during December it just seems like a bigger infraction. Those spaces are for actual handicapped people, who, just like the rest of us, have to get shopping done. The fine is steep, but not nearly steep enough. I'd like to see a system where the offender isn't fined at all. Let's just crush their kneecaps with a ball peen hammer. Then they're free to keep the plaquard. Reports of idiots either parking in the handicapped spots without the proper designation are up, as are the number of idiots who use plaquards intended for other people. EIther way, it's an incredibly low-class move, and it needs to stop. It's like our litter problem. We're better than this.  At least I hope we are. 
by Ralph Bailey posted Dec 2 2013 2:25PM
In the wake of a very Happy Thanksgiving it’s great to get back to work and to be able to stop and say THANK YOU to the greatest listening audience in radio and the best sales staff in the business. The last nine months and the transition to American General Media have been the scariest conversion of my life. Would my sponsors come with me? Would my audience follow me and can we build an audience where there was none?

Many folks, even those close to me, thought I was nuts to give up all that I had at the other place…ratings, an FM simulcast and an audience I personally built up from nothing over nine long years! But after feeling taken for granted, underpaid and unappreciated I was welcomed here with open arms by the staff and all my fears were quickly laid to rest. We, or I should say I, never imagined the kind of early success we have enjoyed here and after the New Year we should have some more solid numbers that should give us a better idea where we are.

But after my mother asked me what I was thankful for I realized it was you all! You people have stood by me during my personal foibles, trials and tribulations, failed relationships, illnesses and changing stations and I could not be more grateful. As I redundantly state it is a heavy head that wears the crown of a “TRBS” listener. I ask you to not only listen but be my personal PR agents by spreading the word to friends and foes alike patronize our sponsors and remind businesses where you heard about them.

So if you’ve never tuned in to “TRBS” and you’re looking for insightful political analysis or deep insight on today’s societal ills or the GOP talking points, then DON”T tune me in!!!!

 “The Ralph Bailey Show” is about entertainment, information, fun and a little more entertainment. I’m here to make you smile but most importantly make you think. I’m not paid to be a genius. I’m paid to be the master of the obvious and to remind you as to what’s really going on in our community. Thank you, again, for your seemingly undying support and here’s to 2014, the year we put “TRBS” firmly and forever  BACK on top of the local radio heap!
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by Scott Cox posted Dec 1 2013 11:30AM
It looks like the history of wacky business ventures in Bakersfield has a new chapter.  Interstate Bus has called it quits after one week of business. One week! After Airport Bus decided to stop losing money on shuttling people to and from LAX, Interstate came to town to take over the route. And, after 7 whole days of service, they're out. No kidding.The owner says that it's because Bakersfield customers pay in cash, and his company prefers to deal in credit. This might be the first business owner in history to turn his nose up at cash. I seriously doubt that cash is the reason for the hasty exit. They drove 300 people to LA, about a third for Thanksgiving. Apparently you can't make money doing that at $32 a head. Who knew? I hope we all find out what really went on with this deal, but i'm sure i'm not the only one not buying the official story.  I do know this- if you need a ride to LAX, you're on your own. Again.
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Location : Louisiana
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