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by Ralph Bailey posted Oct 31 2013 2:34PM
Staffers in Rep. David Valadao’s office tell me he’s getting hammered by Tea Party advocates for his support of a Democratic authored bill (H.R.  15) that essentially mirrors the Senate immigration proposal and offers a pathway to citizenship.

The significant difference, however, rests in what members of the GOP used to insist was the crux of immigration reform: border security. Joe Garcia, a Democrat from Florida, proposes to eliminate the $46 billion border security design adopted by the Senate for a border security plan authored by Rep. Michael McCaul, a Republican from Texas. Garcia’s border plan has the unique distinction of being unanimously approved by the House Homeland Security Committee.

I’ve been screaming to the GOP to give the fellas, Valadao, State Sen. Andy Vidak and Rep. Jeff Denham, a pass for more than just pragmatic reasons, or for the merit of their respective bills but for sheer political survival. Valadao oversees a district that is 72 percent Latino. He has two choices: Support some sort of immigration reform or surrender the seat.

Do you really think it’s a coincidence that all three men face Latino challengers? On a recent “First Look with Scott Cox”, liberal TBC editor/writer Bob Price couldn’t wait to raise to the sky the hand of Valadao’s Democratic opponent, a comely Harvard grad who will give the congressman a run for his money.  Fresno Hispanic Chamber President John Hernandez, who Valadao defeated two years ago, stated he too shall seek the seat but shouldn’t be much of a factor.

Yet for Denham the vote is much more personal. Granted, he knows the numbers, too, 40 percent of his District is Latino, however, Denham married a Latina, whose father he helped guide through the citizenship maze.

The immigration debate could make or break the Party. Will Republicans label true conservatives like Valadao and Denham RHINOs based on one pragmatic vote made, primarily, to save their hard fought seats? I certainly hope so. It’s time the Committee on Who is and Who is Not a “true Republican” be laid to rest and allow the umbrella of a larger more tolerant party to unfold.
by Ralph Bailey posted Oct 28 2013 1:06PM
Was surprisingly but tremendously disappointed in "60 Minutes" piece on Benghazi! First, how in the world do you shed spotlight on only the sixth American Ambassador murdered WITHOUT ever mentioning the president or former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton?

CBS barely scratched the surface of the topics which comprise the crux of the entire matter: ignored pleas for help and warnings of inadequate security measures which fell on deaf ears. The buck ultimately rests with Barack Obama but head of state essentially is an ambassador’s’ “direct supervisor’. HRC must be held accountable
But the national media bias, which as a former reporter I can attest is as real as your bills, already is in full swing and are lined up to provide Clinton cover as she makes her final last-ditch effort at the White House.
Predicting political futures is about as prosperous as betting on football, but there’s absolutely no question that the fortunes for the party have dramatically changed in the last weeks. Clearly, the party dodged a bullet by a bigger mistake grabbing the headlines: the Obamacare roll out disaster.

Moderate Democrats continue to abandon ship, at least those Democrats who are up for re-election. Many of these desperate Democrats now calling for what Republicans were screaming during the shutdown negotiations … a delay in ACA deadlines. They know that if the roll out continues to bomb and if the country doesn’t warm up to Obamacare in a hurry, their futures are cloudy, at best. Obamacare depends on young, healthy people signing up. They can’t make any money on old farts like me. And wait till they’re forced to start sending out penalties and possible jail time for folks who do not sign up. This is like a bad movie that, for the Democratic Party and unfortunately for the uninsured, can only end badly.
That’s what’s really going on!! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to hit me at: or call the show at 842-5376. “The Ralph Bailey Show” 3-6 p.m., on Newstalk 1180 KERN.

In the meantime, I’ll see you on the radio!!
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by Ralph Bailey posted Oct 24 2013 12:35PM
Women know what women want!. That’s the firm believe and company credo of my friends Annette and Michelle over at Blue River Cabinetry and we could not be happier about having them join as a new sponsor for “The Ralph Bailey Show”.

I first met the gals at another sponsor’s shop at Urner’s. The ladies use the unbelievable kitchen facilities at Urner’s to put on cooking shows and to demonstrate how they absolutely transform a routine, mundane kitchen into your dream spot of the house. As we’ve been talking on "TRBS", the role of the kitchen is drastically making a comeback. The days of the entire family sitting down and sharing a meal and life experiences at the same time went out with The Brady Bunch.   
But the comeback of which I speak has seen the return of the kitchen as the familial focal spot. We may not all sit down at  one table but if mom puts out some guacamole and chips on one of the Blue River Cabinetry designed and or installed countertops, you can count on the kids and hubbie to come snooping around like folks you’ve never fed.

The ladies take the greatest pride in conforming your kitchen or bath to fit you and your family. Their work is artistic and thorough from design to installation. I know because I remain a client. The ladies came in and completely altered my shower and bathroom to meet my specific needs and I couldn’t be happier.

As I always say about all my sponsors, don’t take my word for it! Go visit the ladies at Blue River Cabinetry at 120 Union on the East side just north of Highway 58 and see their amazing work! And remind the ladies you heard about them right here on “The Ralph Bailey Show”!!!!

Hit me with an e mail at if you have any questions or comments. In the meantime, I’ll see you on the radio!!!!!!

“The Ralph Bailey Show” airs Monday through Friday from 3-6 p.m., on Newstalk 1180 KERN
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by Ralph Bailey posted Oct 23 2013 2:58PM

You may think you know all there is to know about Uricchio’s Italian Restaurant,  located on the corner of 17th and K Streets,  but did you know they're the newest sponsor on "The Ralph Bailey Show!!!!!

And were you aware the restaurant is back open on Mondays!!!!
Along with serving lunch and dinner six days a week, they’ve also added a Happy Hour!!! Everyone knows every hour in Uricchio’s is a happy one but now from 4-6 Monday through Friday they’re serving  drink and appetizer specials. (Check Facebook for weekly specials.)

But let's jump in the way, way back machine for a moment. It's the summer of 1995 and I'm a staff writer for The Bakersfield Californian when I hear a rumor that an LA cat has opened a killer Italian Restaurant.

My friends call me crazy but, I'm sorry, I had a bad experience at a local East Bakersfield Italian restaurant, which will remain nameless (I don't sabotage local folks.) so the idea of great Italian food harkened back great meals at LA eateries like "Mario's" in Westwood or even "Barone's" in the Sherman Oaks and their rectangular shaped Shrimp Pizza.

So, I wondered into Uricchio’s Trattoria a skosh skeptical.

But I was sucked in by a dapper, old school gentleman, who would later become the face of the family-owned and operated business, and who cordially greeted me and made me feel like a paizon and part of the Uricchio’s family.

However, with his retirement, the days of Papa Nick sitting at the end of the bar have now been replaced by his amazing daughter, Clair; a nightly presence who loves to work the room welcoming her guest and his grandson Brian and believe me the torch has been effectively and passionately passed.

However, the familial atmosphere can quickly morph into a romantic escape for those celebrating years of togetherness or can often be the scene of the fidgety fiancée, frantically fighting back nerves as a small box with a ring and his future in it rest in his pocket.

But that's the beauty of Uricchio’s Italian Restaurant. It can become whatever you want it to be: great lunch spot for the downtown employees; a romantic “date night” for couples in love or a family gathering spot where brothers, sisters, in laws and cousins converge to break bread, affectionately hug necks and slap backs.

But the food is only part of the experience. The family, waiters/waitresses and bartenders, Kenny and Derek, truly make you feel like you're at home and my namesake, Ralphie the cook, is simply the best in town.

 Uricchio’s remains one of the few multifaceted restaurants in town. Of course, it's an Italian restaurant serving great pasta, chicken piccata, Cannelloni to die for and arguably the best ravioli in town. But don't forget about the amazing seafood and steak fare, as well.  Seafood dishes include, Sand Dabs, Swordfish and Halibut and Chilean Sea Bass, (Only served when in season) and a penne pasta swimming in a sea of scallops and shrimp.

Yet, my personal favorite is the Chicken Florentine, chicken stuffed with spinach with a side of Fettuccini with an Alfredo sauce that I would drink out of a glass!!! (But Dr. Kothary would have a fit!!!).

So happy to finally have URRICHIOS ITALIAN RESTAURANT, sponsoring "The Ralph Bailey Show" on Newstalk 11-80 KERN!!!!! Tomorrow, I'll tell you about the ladies at Blue River Cabinetry and hit me with an e-mail at if you have any questions or comments. In the meantime, I'll see you on the radio!!!!

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by Ralph Bailey posted Oct 21 2013 12:28PM

fans remain up in arms about the team's inability to overtake the St. Louis Cardinals in the recent National League Championship Series. For Dodger folk ready to jump head first into Chavez Ravine consider these two facts: Where were the Cardinals a year ago and where are the God awful, stinky smelly, dope smoking, PED taking, Kazoo playing, Donkey riding, orange and black wearing San Francisco Giants right now.

Answers: The Cardinals had just blown a 3-1 lead in the NLCS and were doing what we're doing now (Watching the Fall Classic on TV.) and the "God Awfuls" are currently one of the worst teams in all of baseball.

So all is not lost.

Plus, the Dodgers come back with a formibable crew which includes the best pitcher in baseball, if not the best one-two punch in Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke. Potentially, we have a strong outfield, depending on health, and our first basebman is one of the best in the business and a clutch hitter, as well and are all signed for next season.

Granted, we have some holes to fill in the pourous error-prone infield. I love Mark Ellis but he ain't the answer. Juan Uribe had a nice comeback season but we could easily move an unhealthy and aging Hanley Ramirez to third and sign a sure-handed SS like Steve Drew! However, I do NOT believe the Guggenheim's should write a $300 million check to Yankee Second Baseman Robinson Cano, which is being bantied about in the halls of Dodger Stadium. ($30 million for 10 years.) I wouldn't pay $300 million for Frank, Brooks, or even Jackie Robinson, let alone Robinson Cano!!!!!


I've always liked Ellen Degeneres, particularly her taste in women. (Sorry, it was too easy.) But seriously folks, did you hear the story about her reaction to an act of kindness? We pick up the story in Concord, New Hampshire the capital of the Granite State, where a compassionaite waitress overheard two uniformed women trying to match their lunch with their budget since they were not working because of the government shutdown. So Sarah Hoidahl picked up their lunch, figuratively speaking and left a note which read:

"Thanks to the government shutdown the people like you that protect this country are not getting paid, however I still am. Lunch is on me thank you for serving ladies! Have a good day!".

The note went viral on facebook, after the two National Guard Soldiers shared their good fortune with the nation. Degeneres invited Hoidahl on her TV show. Once in Hollywood, she jokingly gave her $27.75, the price of the meals, a 50 inch TV because they discovered Hoidahl's was broken.

But Degeneres brought the house down when she bestowed upon the caring young mother of two a check for $10,000!!! Nicely done! 

Ain't life grand!!!!

If you have any comments or questions hit me at or call the show at 842-5376.

In the meantime, That's what's really going on. I'll rap to you tomorrow!
by Ralph Bailey posted Oct 7 2013 1:15PM

The governor's signing legislation allowing, and I'm quoting our objective, straight-shooting, local newspaper, "...the state's MIGRANT RESIDENTS to apply for a special version of driver's licenses the rest of us are eligible for." Now, beyond criticizing the writing (Any school child knows never to finish a sentence with a preposition!) has it dawned on Bob Price or whatever liberal hack wrote this piece that the "rest of us" he alludes to, are here LEGALLY!!! And the so-called, what did they call them, "MIGRANT RESIDENTS" are, in fact, illegal aliens, invading our nation and scoffing at our laws, throwing a wrench in our educational and medical systems and wreaking havok with our national economy.
The only thing that has me staring like the RCA Victor Dog is whether or not the Democrats are blithering idiots or mad genuises? Do they really believe that by handing out some lame excuse for a driver's license that THAT will bring illegels from out of the shadows, make them pay taxes and get in line to become Americans? Or is this just another dominoe to fall in easing in these scoff-law folk, like turning the boiling water up on a lobster. Either way the idea is patently redonkulous, unless you're here ilegally. Then, as our paper wrote, it was "a watershed moment...".


Believe it or not I was not that shocked when State Sen. Andy Vidak voted to provide driver's licenses to the aforementioned migrant residents. In less than a year, Andy will be embroiled in another heated battle to keep his 16th District Senate seat he worked so diligently to earn. By siding with the a large core of his constituency, Andy, with one vote, squashed ineveitable attempts at splitting the vote based on race. Moreover, very strong rumors from very reliable sources insist 5th District Supervisor Leticia Perez plans to be the Adlai Stevenson of the state senate. Democrats were stupid enough to renominate Stevenson in 1956, in some redonkulous idea he could do better than his defeat to Dwight Eisenhower in '52. Political history clerly indicates incumbents do better once elected (Duh!) and such was the case in 1956. Ike won in a landslide. In fact, only one president in the histroy of this great Republic has performed worse during his re-election. Can you guess of whom I speak? You guessed it ... Barack Hussein Obama!!! I suspect the Perez camp is doomed to repeat the past.

That's what's really going on! If you have any questions or comments, hit me with an email at In the meantime, I'll see you on the radio!!!!
by Scott Cox posted Oct 1 2013 10:07AM
This week saw Sen. Ted Cruz, Republican from Texas, speak for 21 hours plus on why his fellow republicans should vote to defund Obamacare. He also mixed in some Star Wars references and a reading of Green Eggs And Ham. Nice. Had he kept yammering for another couple of hours, he would have passed up the times of the all-time filibuster kings- Wayne Morse from Oregon went 22 hours plus in 1953, trying to stop something called the Tidelands Oil Bill, and Alfonse D'Amato, who bloviated for 23 hours plus against the military spending bill of 1986. Had Cruz wasted an entire day (plus 18 minutes, he would have broken the filibuster record, held by Strom Thurmond, who spent all that time in his effort to derail the 1957 civil rights bill. The problem is, Cruz wouldn't have been eligible anyway. His singular act of defiance wasn't technically a filibuster. It was more of a profile-raising exercise for his future political aspirations. And it will work. People admire that kind of political theater. Well, half do. See, people see these stupid things as some kind of one-man battle against tyranny, or oppression or whatever. I blame Jimmy Stewart. If his character, Jefferson Smith, hadn't been so engaging in Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, we probably wouldn't tolerate filibusters at all. They're basically just a way to exploit a loophole that allows elected officials to blabber on until the clock runs out on a debate. Like a basketball player dribbling for an hour after his team goes up 2-0. The Senate needs a shot clock.
Here's the truth about filibusters- our founding fathers didn't write them into the Constitution at all. They're a loophole, discovered by a Senator named John Calhoun in 1841. He discovered that there was no rule forcing him to stop, so he just kept going until there was no time for dissent. And he did it all in defense of slavery. No wonder filibusters are evil. They started out that way. The reason I say that only half of people hate these things is because they're only frowned upon when used by the party you didn't vote for. I'll wager that most of the people who were cheering Ted Cruz on were not quite so supportive of D'Amato in '86, or more recently when Democrat Wendy Davis went 13 hours straight on the floor of the Texas State Housetrying to stop Texas' sweeping abortion bill. Conversely, the folks who hailed her as heroic were likely unimpressed when fellow Texan Cruz took his shot. The reason these filibusters are so ridiculous is that they never work. Davis knew she had no chance to derail that Texas abortion bill, and Ted Cruz, fresh off his filibuster, promptly voted with the democrats on Obamacare. And, interestingly enough, Davis will be running for Governor in Texas, and i'm sure that Cruz has greater political aspirations as well. And they'll always be known for their personal contributions to the phony, idiotic bit of political grandstanding known as the filibuster. Thanks a lot, Jimmy Stewart.
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