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As many of you know, I began as a print reporter down south with "The Los Angeles Sentinel", a black weekly in South Central and started my professional career here with "The Bakersfield Californian". So I could not have been happier when "The Suits" here hit me up about writing a blog.

My goal: to write twice maybe three times a week delving deeper into issues talked about on the show or reaching out to subjects that, for whatever reason, we didn't tackle on the broadcast. In the meantime, if you have topic ideas or want to comment on past blogs feel free to contact me at the website or via e mail at ralphbailey@kernradio.com.

by Ralph Bailey posted Apr 13 2015 12:40PM

Before we rush to judgment and put the reasons (OR BLAME) for Barack Obama's victory on the door steps of blacks, young people or shear dumb luck, let us not forget whom the man defeated. One, a Navy Hero, I grant you, but an elderly, diminutive, white haired hero from an unpopular war that still gives most Americans the heebie jeebies. The other candidate, an unlikeable woman who was the failed leader of a botched health care coup from a corrupt administration and a member of a gender who has never even been elected vice president.

Simply said, Hillary Rodham Clinton can't' win!

 Double standards normally break the way of men but in her case Hillary received one of the kindest passes in American history. Think for a second if a man, the overwhelming favorite to win his party's nomination, had spit the bit as badly as Hillary. Said male candidate would be a party pariah never to be seen or heard from again.

But proof that THIS Clinton's Teflon has wore thin can be heard around the Democratic campfire where more than a few dedicated Donkey's refuse not only to endorse her but who have questioned her candidacy.

But having said all this, Republicans must remain steadfast and corner her carefully, remembering the most dangerous creature in the woods is the injured animal. The desperate dying creature that must use all its power for mere survival is the one you can never turn your back on. We can and should defeat Hillary, that's if she wins her nomination. But we can't turn our back on the wounded warrior. She's smart, devious and looking for a Roger Staubach like Hail Mary to catapult here into the White House. And as we've learned, sometimes the ball bounces the wrong way! Just ask Pete Carroll.
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by Ralph Bailey posted Dec 23 2014 2:24PM
This is my second Christmas season with American General Media and this year's overwhlemed the first and now we enter 2015 with high expections for our station, our show and our community.

The program and the station experienced ups and downs in 2014 but with the addition of our simulcast on "The New 96.1", we'll finally be in a position to overcome the lack of publicity for the station with an exciting FM signal that will attract the undecided listeners who would never, who would never ever, who would never ever ever ever ever ever ever hear us on the AM!

This new year will witness a new interaction with you all. We will be out and about more, doing more "remotes" from local businesses, alonging you to meet our sponsors up close and personal and provide more interplay with the on air talent.

We will reach out and provide more celebrity interviews, allowing the hucksters selling books, motion pictures and television series to promote on Newstalk 11-80 and the NEW 96.1

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your unwavering support and pray that you'll come along with me and JR Flores on our new journey in 2015. In your absence we are nothing! And we willl not exist, thrive or grow without your continued loyalty.

So for JR Flores, Michael Hopper, "Herc", Curtis Floyd and George Horrigan of Floyd & Horrigan, David Perkins and all the good folks at Urner's and Urner's Z's Please Sleep Centers, Drs. Hemmel Kothary, Corey Gonzales and Vinod Kumar and his staff at the Leg Center, Laurie McCarty at Coldwell Banker, our friend Ramon at King Door Company, my dear friend Mike Ariey and "Big Mike's Ragin' BBQ", and a special shout out to "Dr. Phil", "Chet the Bookie", "Ross Perot" and also known as ABC23's Mike Hart and for all of us here on "The Ralph Bailey Show" may you have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and a wonderful Kwanzaa!!!!!!!! 

Ralph Emerson Bailey, Jr.
by Ralph Bailey posted Nov 19 2014 2:28PM
The not so funny aspect of the Bill Cosby rape allegations rests with the sad fact that most of you don't know the facts.

Most of you have never heard of Andrea Constand, a well respected former Lady Hoopster for Temple University who later earned her degree and become the head of basketball operations at hers and Cosby's alma mater before being allegedly drugged and attacked by Cosby at his home in 2004.

So let's knock the cultural myths down, shall we!
Why didn't she contact police.
She did!!!

She shamefully returned to her home in Canada and immediately notified police who later contacted Mongtomery County authorites in Pennsylvania. The DA there said, "I wanted to arrest Bill Cosby because I thought he was probably guilty. But being able to prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt ... are two different things."

In other words, if you're going to take on "America's Dad", who just happens to also be an African American, you better have an open and shut case, which they clearly did not have.

But Constand would not lay down to Cosby. Not again. She fought and won an out of court settlement. Is there anyone who truly believes this young woman put her bright basketball life on hold just to make up such a crazy allegation against "Heathcliff Huxtable"?

And what about Barbara Bowman, whose recent piece in the Washington Post raised eyebrows all over the nation. She is not, as many have concluded, bringing up allegations she didn't take to the authorties.

No, no, no!

Her recent foray into pop culture focuses on why no one, her agent, her parents, local law enforcement, would listen to her back in the 1980s.

Are we expected to believe that now, after being called into the Constand case as a witness and living a comofrtable live in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she raises her two children, that she opted to jump back in the mess, which was all based on a lie?

As my late grandmother used to say, "That just don't make no sense".

I feel uniquely qualified to critique Dr. Cosby. I'm on of the few people who have actually "studied" his artform. As a Student at Morehouse College I wrote a paper on Cosby, calling him more than just a stand up comedian.

Before my eyes were upon to the Hyde-side of Wlilliam H. Cosby, Jr., I felt the man was a valuable community voice who had achieved what other comedians seeking the same Holy Grail, Dick Gregory, Pat Paulson, Lenny Briuce, could not.

Cosby could make you laugh while highlighting a poignant bit of American life whether it was raising kids, getting along with family or the evils of drinking on the weekend. And he was one of the first black comics that performed without using the race card or dirty words.

But now the eivdence mounts that the dark side of Cosby, which we all maintain, slipped away from him and reared its ugly head in a manner no one could have dreamed. It's time Dr. Cosby shut down his no longer funny road show, count his blessings he's not in prison where they don't use drugs and spend the autumn of his years basking in the millions upon millions of dollars he earned as Dr. Jeykl.

by Ralph Bailey posted Nov 10 2014 12:49PM
In April of this year I had the distinct honor and pleasure of being invited to wing my way back to our nation's capital with 40 war heroes from World War II and the Korean Conflict and as I've talked about on "TRBS" ad naseum it was a life altering experience, eventhough the last uniform I donned had "Pack 395" stitched on the shoulder.

However, the sole tragic aspect of Honor Flight Kern County rests with our inability to identify all the aging warriors and get them all on the plane, providing what most returning veterans dub, "... the trip of a lifetime!"

Roughly 4,000 men and women who served in WWII call Kern County home and yet Lili Marsh and her band of selfless volunteers, Charlie Wilmot, Lori Crowe, to name a few, have only begun to scratch the surface. Of the 4,000, Lili estimates only 700 men and women have flown to Washington in the 14 flights she's organized.

The latest and last 2014 group of octogenarians returns Thursday, Honor Flight Kern County shuts down during the wicked winters of Washington, where a young woman in 1980 was forced to have a trumpet surgically removed from her lips prior to the Reagan Inaugural parade. This reasonable respite provides ample time for us to circle the wagons and get those men and women on the plane, despite some of their own intial protestations.

Lili tells the story of one gentleman who'd recently lost his wife and just wasn't in the spirit to celebrate or to be feted. After much prodding and poking he came, he saw, he had the time of his life, insisting it was the best trip of his life.

Even the guardians return wide-eyed and in awe of watching a grateful nation get up on their collective feet and wildly applaud everywhere the gang of heores goes. Folks lined up from the terminal to the gift shop greeting us at Sky Harbor in Phoenix, as did a mob of travelers and airpot staff in Baltimore's BMI.

To see young people -- teenagers--stop and want to touch the men who saved Democracy as if they were Michael Jackson in the flesh is as inspring as watching the flag flying high over a capital for the very first time. Give these men and women their final couple days in the sun. Let them feel the warm glow of adoration from anyone and everyone for whom they come in contact. Provide these men and women one final:
Thank you for your tremendous sacrfice and service to our nation. You will never be forgotten.

Get those men on the plane!

See you on the radio!
by Ralph Bailey posted Nov 3 2014 12:16PM
Here are a few suggestions on how I would vote if I lived in all the Districts up for voter referendum Tuesday, Nov. 4.

For a Democrat, one should concede, Moonbeam hasn't been all bad. While my listeners throw tomatoes at this suggestion think about how adeptly he's handled the prison overcrowding. Gov. Jerry Brown refused to relent to his liberal friends and actually fighting the Courts from just opening up the flood gates and allowing all a free pass. The water bond and the rainy day fund, (Propositions 1 and 2) are both going to pass easily and should have far reaching positive impact on life in California.

However, he still insists on shoving a multi billion dollar boondoggle down our throats and Neel Kashkari (Yes, he spells it with two Es.) is a brilliant young cat, who despite his early ties to George W. Bush and the Obama Administration, still has some innovative ideas to get Californians working.
WHO WILL WIN: Brown in a walk.
WHO SHOULD WIN: Kashkari ... maybe next time.

Alex Padilla doesn't want to be Secretary of State of California anymore than you do. It's merely another seat in the endless musical chairs game career politicians must play due to idiotic term limits.

Pete Peterson is the new face of the Republican Party. A young man under 50 who may not be in perfect stride with the party but who understands and embraces the fundamentals of conservatism and a man who sincerely wants the job and no other.

WHO WILL WIN. Pete Peterson
WHO SHOULD WIN: Pete Peterson

Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearingin showed promise when she began to cut into Betty Yee's early lead. Swearingin's financial background and how she staved off bankruptcy in Fresneck has fallen on deaf ears on the stump. And while Yee ran a lackluster campaign, she's a smart woman who, in sports terms, hasn't turned the ball over and has managed a decent enough campaign. Yee is the Trent Dilfer of candidates while Swearingin has become the Colin Kaepernick ... so much potential but just can't seem to get over the hump.



To beat am incumbent in the 21st Century seems like he or she must be caught in bed with a farm animal but David Valadao truly deserves a return ticket to the swamp that is our nation's capital. His Democratic challenger, Amanda Renteria, has a very compelling life story: young Latina from a small northern town who gets accepted to and graduates from one of the best schools in the nation (Stanford). Plays basketball and softball for the Cardinal while earning her degree. But when professional opportunities came she ran to the swamp, working for Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Michigan Senator Debbie Stebenow.

But I know a lot of folks with compelling life stories and Valadao has proven to be independent, bucking his party on immigration and has been a key player in garnering federal funds to help bring water to the Valley. Renteria's attacks have been far fetched and missed the mark.

WHO WILL WIN: David Valadao, easily.
WHO SHOULD WIN: David Valadao


Luis Chavez has been an embarrassment as a candidate. Hiding in the weeds and refusing to do "The Ralph Bailey Show"! What? Meantime, State Sen. Andy Vidak has led the charge against High Speed Rail. His efforts to return the measure to the ballot should be commended, allowing voters a chance to vote on inflated numbers never seen. Sen. Vidak co-authored the water bond and like Valadao has been instrumental in our ongoing fight to procure the Valley's life blood!

WHO WILL WIN: Andy Vidak


Rudy "The Patutee" Salas is a man of little character, as he made clear after walking out on his City Council seat costing my city $100,000 for his professional greed. He's another Democrat too frightened to go face to face with yours truly but yet he wants to govern conservative Republicans, as well?

Pedro Rios is a man of great character, who despite the ugly lies and subtle half truths skillfully spun by the Salas machine, has persevered and continues to fight the good fight. He's a born leader who answered the call of his country and enlisted in the armed forces and then used benefits he earned to retain a home. If Salas attacked any other veteran this way folks would be besides themselves but in a political climate even an honest veteran can be villified apparently.

WHO WILL WIN: Pedro Rios, in a shocking upset
WHO SHOULD WIN: Anyone but Rudy Salas

See ya on the radio!
by Ralph Bailey posted Sep 5 2014 12:47PM
In all my zeal to point out to the Commission on Judicial Performance and to our local Superior Court Judges that their fair-haired boy, Judge Cory Woodward, did NOT cooperate with their investigation regarding his affair with his clerk, Jocelyn Dunnegan and, in fact, did everything he could to lie, mislead and maintain his decadent, philandering lifestyle, I neglected to turn up “Woody’s” most egregious crime: sexual harassment.

How could it slip my mind that Judge Woodward was Dunnegan’s  boss and flirting, canoodling and making love to a subordinate is the classic definition of sexual harassment, despite the “consensual” nature of the relationship.

Office hookups are a human resource manager’s nightmare and for the very reasons played out in Woodward’s own Greek tragedy. Late lunches, courtroom nicknames, preferential treatment were all complaints of Dunnegan’s colleagues and are all classic symptoms of an illicit inner office affair.

While I’m sure the couple thought they were being slick, sly and subtle, their affair become so blatant, (During work hours, the judge made a sexual gesture toward Dunnegan not knowing a public citizen was in the court room, according to the CJP.) no less than at least two employees of the court came forward to complain, including the clerk’s husband.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had good reason to focus on the fact that the CJP and Woodward’s fellow judges let this community down. Their insistence that “mitigating circumstances” such as Woodward’s “…full and forthright cooperation with the commission’s investigation…” is both a complete ignoring of the facts but it’s also the greatest hypocrisy since Woodward’s own reason for confessing.

Let’s understand the facts.

NOT ONCE, NOT TWICE BUT ON SEVERAL OCCASSIONS, Woodward, approached by fellow judges, investigators and a deputy court executive officer, chose not only to lie but appeal his Sancha’s reassignment. And it was only until under the fear of a security breach by the clerk’s HUSBAND, did Woodward finally end his series of lies, obfuscations and premeditated omissions. In other words, when Dunnegan’s husband started popping up at court and contacting court officials about the relationship … Woodward finally told the truth!

And a panel on Judicial Performance and local judges think this guy’s fit to sit on the bench. He’s as fit as Sydney Greenstreet!!! (Please see the motion picture “Casablanca” for the Greenstreet reference.)

See you on the radio!
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by Ralph Bailey posted Aug 22 2014 12:56PM
I want to run the Golden Empire Transit.

I have absolutely no idea how many people ride the GET bus which keeps me right on par with current GET CEO Karen King.

As former Washington Post Editor Ben Bradley used to say, I don’t tell the truth. I just tell you what people tell me and Ken Weir said on “TRBS” King hasn’t a clue. Vice Mayor Weir described his recent and first confrontation with King as “unpleasant”. When he quite naturally inquired about her ridership she conceded she didn’t know!!!

Are you kidding? Please tell me you’re kidding.

Unfortunately, however, the joke is on us and all those who depend on those gray whales of the streets of Bakersfield. And that fact, tied with a labor force still questioning her leadership, merit pay raise (She now makes $213,000 while our city manager makes 228 thousand to run the city.) and overall competence, spells a case for a thorough investigation and assessment of her abilities.

Thankfully, voices in our city chorus continue to hold her feet and those of a few GET Bus board members to the fire calling for immediate improvements.
Terry Maxwell, perhaps the group’s most vocal member on the issue, says he believes a “timetable” should be established for marked improvements and if said progress is not made it’s time, as they say in most human resources department, “…to move in a different direction”.

Let’s hope that horse hasn’t already left the barn. No one, including yours truly, is hoping King fails. For me, I just want her to perhaps concede shortcomings and adhere to the suggestions of the council. But history tells us few leaders, completely ensconced in the proverbial Ivory Tower, get it before it is too late
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by Ralph Bailey posted Jul 8 2014 3:00PM
Just when I thought the producers of “the View” had come to their senses by firing brainless Comedian Sherry Sheppard and equally dead above the neck Jenny McCarthy, they jump into the way, way back machine and resurrect a failed “View” cast member ... Rosie O’Donnell. The former actress and witty comic, who performed well in pictures like “A League Of their Own” and ‘The Flintstones” in which she lost significant weight to play the role and also nailed Betty Ruble’s silly little giggle, enjoyed more than her 15 minutes of fame. Her own show “The Rosie O’Donnell Show” was brief but mildly entertaining, as well.

However, O’Donnell’s own personality, which emerges from the bowels of an abusive childhood, an alcoholic , abusive father and a mother who succummbed to breast canacer when Rosie was 11, tends to be mean-spirited when angered and she tends NOT to be the most open-minded.

But such is the case with most liberals. They preach and moan and complain about others being free to new ideas and new ways of thinking and then turn around and in reality are the most stubborn, narrow-minded, myopic thinkers in the bunch.
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by Ralph Bailey posted Jun 4 2014 1:27PM
I know you’re going to call me a rationalist or hypocrite but Pedro A. Rios can beat Rudy “The Patootie” Salas, despite my long held belief that you don’t run the same candidate against the same candidate following a defeat.

But there are always exceptions to the rules and there are good reasons why the Rios/Salas race will be that one exception.

First, by the time the opinion media, meaning talk radio, got wind of the unfair and shameless radio ads the Salas folks ran back in ’08, the race was all but over. The absentee ballots were resting comfortably downtown, many of the low-income isolated voters had made up their minds and the by the time they figured out just how crass and underhanded the ads were, the fervor could not overwhelm Rudy’s considerable name recognition.

Now, however, because of four years of photo ops and no real answers to our most serious problems and because those ads have become so infamous, (Ads in which Rudy tried to imply that Rios was cited for distributing liquor to an undercover agent while a school teacher. When, in fact, the error, which Rios took full responsibility for, actually occurred when he was a 21-year-old kid, long before his teaching career began) the second time around is an entirely new ballgame.

I still stand by my politico credo: never nominate the same candidate against the same candidate who just beat you. I cite Adlai Stevenson, Leticia Perez and our newest member of the two time loser club … Fresno’s John Hernandez, who was taken to the woodshed last night by David Valadao for the second time.

But because the initial race was a phony and voters were unaware of Rudy’s shady ways, the SECOND time could be the charm for the educator from Delano. Now let’s hope the Agbalog camp keeps its promise and helps Rios and the Party tear down the Super Majority.
by Ralph Bailey posted Mar 21 2014 3:03PM
Very excited to announce that on April 4 I will be winging my way to our nation's capital along with 19 of the most courageous men this world has ever seen. The spring Honor Flight takes of at the crack of dawn that Friday and I'm proud to serve as a chaperone for one of the 13 World War II veterans and six more veterans from the Korean Conflict.

Lili Marsh continues to do yeoman's work flying our “Greatest Generation” back for the trip of a lifetime. Men who have been witness to most of the 20th Century come back from Washington insisting it was the greatest trip they've ever taken.

Treated like the celebrities they are, the men are showered with standing ovation at every turn, including Sky Harbor Airport, where a recent group was serenaded by a cacophony of cheering and clapping from a grateful nation.

No one realizes more than I that all I do is talk on the radio and, at the end of the day, that and 75 cents will get you a newspaper. But every now and again I get the rare treat to do something of merit...something that truly has a deep impact and I believe this trip is one of those occasions.

I'll of course tell you all about it following our return Sunday, April 6.

Ain't life a kick in the head!
See you on the radio!
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