What's Really Going On?

As many of you know, I began as a print reporter down south with "The Los Angeles Sentinel", a black weekly in South Central and started my professional career here with "The Bakersfield Californian". So I could not have been happier when "The Suits" here hit me up about writing a blog.

My goal: to write twice maybe three times a week delving deeper into issues talked about on the show or reaching out to subjects that, for whatever reason, we didn't tackle on the broadcast. In the meantime, if you have topic ideas or want to comment on past blogs feel free to contact me at the website or via e mail at ralphbailey@kernradio.com.

What's Really Going On

by Ralph Bailey posted Oct 7 2013 1:15PM

The governor's signing legislation allowing, and I'm quoting our objective, straight-shooting, local newspaper, "...the state's MIGRANT RESIDENTS to apply for a special version of driver's licenses the rest of us are eligible for." Now, beyond criticizing the writing (Any school child knows never to finish a sentence with a preposition!) has it dawned on Bob Price or whatever liberal hack wrote this piece that the "rest of us" he alludes to, are here LEGALLY!!! And the so-called, what did they call them, "MIGRANT RESIDENTS" are, in fact, illegal aliens, invading our nation and scoffing at our laws, throwing a wrench in our educational and medical systems and wreaking havok with our national economy.
The only thing that has me staring like the RCA Victor Dog is whether or not the Democrats are blithering idiots or mad genuises? Do they really believe that by handing out some lame excuse for a driver's license that THAT will bring illegels from out of the shadows, make them pay taxes and get in line to become Americans? Or is this just another dominoe to fall in easing in these scoff-law folk, like turning the boiling water up on a lobster. Either way the idea is patently redonkulous, unless you're here ilegally. Then, as our paper wrote, it was "a watershed moment...".


Believe it or not I was not that shocked when State Sen. Andy Vidak voted to provide driver's licenses to the aforementioned migrant residents. In less than a year, Andy will be embroiled in another heated battle to keep his 16th District Senate seat he worked so diligently to earn. By siding with the a large core of his constituency, Andy, with one vote, squashed ineveitable attempts at splitting the vote based on race. Moreover, very strong rumors from very reliable sources insist 5th District Supervisor Leticia Perez plans to be the Adlai Stevenson of the state senate. Democrats were stupid enough to renominate Stevenson in 1956, in some redonkulous idea he could do better than his defeat to Dwight Eisenhower in '52. Political history clerly indicates incumbents do better once elected (Duh!) and such was the case in 1956. Ike won in a landslide. In fact, only one president in the histroy of this great Republic has performed worse during his re-election. Can you guess of whom I speak? You guessed it ... Barack Hussein Obama!!! I suspect the Perez camp is doomed to repeat the past.

That's what's really going on! If you have any questions or comments, hit me with an email at ralphbailey@kernradio.com. In the meantime, I'll see you on the radio!!!!
10/07/2013 2:17PM
What's Really Going On
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10/07/2013 5:36PM
help !!!!! lookin for a prim. dr
ralph. i know this is off subject but im looking for a prime. dr. my dr. retired. im trying to find one that isnt so stressed that they dont know you. a little hometownish if you no what i mean. a dr. that will take a little time with you unstead of rushing you after a 2 hr wait. last week you interviewed some dr./clinic that you pay a 30 or 40 dollar a month fee i would like there name please or any other dr. you have interviewed that sounds good. i would really appreciate it. thank you and i listen all the time to you, and your show.you can call me at 661-725-5135 or email a dneumann1@bak.rr.com thanks again
10/07/2013 7:34PM
spelling error "Gravity " tickets?
Hi Ralph. Second paragraph. Second Sentence. "illegels" vjbrum@aol.com
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