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The New Breed Of GOP Debt Fighters

by Scott Cox posted Jul 24 2011 11:36AM
This phony debt ceiling debate has pretty much reached it's boiling point, with both the Democrats and Republicans trying to trick their constituents into believing they're looking out for them. The fact of the matter is, they could have hammered out a deal months ago, but that wouldn't have been politically advantagious.

We have an election coming up, and both sides are doing their best to convince regular folks that the other party will end America as we know it. The unpleasant truth is we are in so much debt there is virtually no chance of our children seeing it get paid off, let alone us. So it's virtually impossible for this country NOT to be fundamentally different no matter which side wins in 2012.

And neither side wants to talk about the real problem: the outsourcing of America's manufacturing base to China. It's hard to pay your creditors off when they make all the products you buy. America has built it's way out of every recession we've been in. But now any efforts we make just profit China that much more.

We sold out all that manufacturing power in exchange for higher profits and shareholder returns. So the investor class and the companies who make American products in China get richer every day, while regular folks in the middle class pay the price. And guess which group writes bigger checks? So, these bought-off politicians on both sides know what needs to be done, and will put off doing anything as long as there are political points to be scored.

Only, a big chunk of Americans have had it with the inaction.

Perhaps the most painful part of this dog and pony show is the long-term memory loss of the electorate. I think these politicians treat us like three year olds because we nearly always act like them. Democrats should remember then-senator Obama voting against raising the debt ceiling at least as vividly as Republicans should remember the seven times George W raised it in his eight years as president.

And nobody in the GOP, Boehner and McConnell included, said boo about it. In fact, those two anti-debt crusaders voted to increase the debt limit every time. But now, with mounting tea-party pressure, and a legitamate need to cut spending, both sides have switched sides again, and maybe this time we'll get a legitimate package of spending cuts, military included, and who knows--maybe even ask GE if they wouldn't mind paying just a few dollars in taxes for a while.

I'm not betting on it.

I think it's way more likely we'll get a watered-down, pre-fabricated "comprimise" made up of phony cuts that will never really come io fruition, coupled with some kind of equally phoney corporate accountability standards that will also never be enacted. They will, however, buy themselves just enough time to placate voters until they have to go through this again. And depending on the outcome of the 2012 elections, everyone will have changed sides again. Fantastic.
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07/24/2011 11:37AM
The New Breed Of GOP Debt Fighters
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