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Huntsman Jumps In, Post Debate

by Scott Cox posted Jun 20 2011 7:49AM
I can't help but question the timing of John Huntsman's entry into the 2012 presidential race. I certainly have nothing against the guy, in fact I think he's a solid candidate, certainly way ahead of the rest of the field in the foreign policy department, which seems to be the Achille's heel of the field this year. But I do get the feeling that Mr. Huntsman was waiting for the New Hampshire Primary to end, maybe sizing up the competition.

And, if you saw the "debate," you probably came to the same conclusion as most everyone else--that this race is Mitt Romney's to win or lose. He pretty much walked out of there as the only credible contender against President Obama, but he's also the only candidate running ahaed of "other" in GOP polling.

So, with Texas Governor Rick Perry threatening, and a handful of others at least considering, I guess that became the best possible time for Huntsman to throw his hat into the ring. The most intersesting thing about the race is that while Huntsman doesn't represent the biggest threat against Bachmann, Gingrich, and the Tea Party candidates, he sure could make things tough for Mitt. In a race with painfully little drama, or  anything else of interest, this aspect of the race will certainly cause some fireworks. But, as it always does, it will come down to money.

The GOP will be watching closely to see who's the best at raising cash, and that will go a long way to determining who gets their support. And Huntsman won't be afraid to go after Romney like Tim Pawlenty is (apparently T-Paw has already decided to keep himself in the running for VP), so we may have a candidate who is intelectually superior to the rest of the field, with big-time foreign policy street cred, and a willingness to stir things up. Stay tuned. It should be fun.
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06/20/2011 7:50AM
Huntsman Jumps In, Post Debate
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