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The Donald Doesn't Have The Goods

by Scott Cox posted Apr 19 2011 7:12PM
How anyone takes Donald Trump's alleged candidacy is well beyond my grasp. I can't even imagine how this clown runs a company, let alone a country.

Bear in mind that it's not that great a trick to take a giant pile of money and turn it into a slightly larger pile of money. And I'm sure that he doesn't want us to think about the bankruptcies he filed along the way to keep from losing any of that initial pile. He says that he's better qualified to be president than Mitt Romney, because he has a greater net worth. Wow.

Of course Mitt has never filed bankruptcy, and didn't start off with daddy's money. Then he said that he had dispatched a team of experts to Hawaii to solve the mystery of President Obama's birth certificate, a claim that was disproven almost before he made it. Today, he said that he would lower the price of gas by sitting down with the Saudis and telling them that their fun was over and that they had better play ball if they knew what was good for them. Putting aside the ludicrous nature of that statement, (which is pretty hard considering that any 7 year old could tell you why it wouldn't work), do we really need a president who doesn't know that we get way more oil from Canada than we do from the Saudis?

He's switched his positions on everything from abortion to NATO in the last year. (from pro to anti in both cases). His plan to deal with Libya? Take their oil. No kidding. Dealing with the Middle East has failed thus far, says "The Donald", because we haven't had the right messenger. With this torrent of idiocy going on pretty much nonstop, you might think that the GOP might actually worry about him being taken seriously.

They're not concerned in the slightest.

They know that all this news coverage is just a ploy to promote the Trump brand and boost the ratings of his vapid TV show. And the sad thing is, it's working. I guess during slow news cycles, clowns running for office are better than nothing. The bonus reason that they know he's not running is this: he would have to disclose his actual income and net worth.

Keep in mind that this guy has kept all this a secret for decades, and if the truth turns out to be that the Donald's worth is far less than he lets on, he's gonna find that those deals he's always bragging about are going to be very hard to come by. Personally, I'd be willing to bet that his balance sheet is just like his hair: it just looks like a lot.

So if you're a fan of smart Republicans running the show, relax. This is all one big realiity show, complete with an endorsement from Gary Busey. Wow indeed.
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04/19/2011 7:49PM
The Donald Doesn't Have The Goods
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