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THE LEFTOVERS could be a little fresher...

by Hop posted Jul 3 2014 1:22PM

Last Sunday was the premier of HBO's new series THE LEFTOVERS.

I really dig Tom Perrotta, the cat that wrote the book that this is based on. He's working on this series as well. Other books of his that have been made into movies include ELECTION and LITTLE CHILDREN, both of which I adore.

But THE LEFTOVERS? Holy cow, so far I am completely unimpressed. Slow, contrived, pointless and unbelievable characters, lots of photography and direction that is meant to dazzle but comes across as pretentious... it's a mess.

For those that may be scared off by the religious, "rapture" aspect of the series, that's the one thing you don't have to concern yourself with. No clear definition is given to what has happened in the story with many of the clues pointing to perhaps a un-theological explanation. But that doesn't matter because you'll be spending most of your time wondering what these people are thinking about as they walk around angry at everything and nothing and acting completely irrational while doing it.

I'm going to hang with a few more episodes because it's Tom-freaking-Perrotta... but it better show me something more than what it has so far.

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07/03/2014 1:22PM
THE LEFTOVER could be a little fresher...
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