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Super Bowl Fiasco: The Best America Can Do?

by Scott Cox posted Feb 12 2011 10:28AM
Donald Trump spoke yesterday at the CPAC Convention, a kind of warm-up act for wannabe presidential contenders. One of his remarks was that America was becoming the laughingstock of the world. Normally I would boo him for saying that, but after Sunday's Superbowl fiasco, I think he may well have a point.

Think about it. The NFL, the Cowboys organization, Jerry Jones and company had two years to get their collective ducks in a row for the big game. Two Years. Four hundred fans showed up, tickets in hand, only to be told that their seats weren't ready. Seriously. Several sections of seats at the brand new, billion-dollar mega-stadium weren't completed in time for the game. Lawsuits are pending. And consider this: Superbowl 45 was the single most watched event in the history of television, seen on every continent, and in nearly every country in the civilized world.

So you'd think that this would be an excellent opportunity for America to showcase its amazing pool of talent, as well as its technological superiority. Or at least find a singer who knows the words to our national anthem. Oops. As for her part, Christina Aguliera had at least a year to learn the words to a song that every third grader in the USA should know by heart. Oops again.

Then, the NFL's entertainment committee had at least that same year to choose a band to play at halftime. Simple. This country is loaded with talent. And just about any band, no matter how cool, would happily take this gig. But they went with the Black-Eyed Peas. Sure, they make great videos, and yes, Fergie is pretty hot, but the simple fact is that they really, really suck.

We live in an era where music is made by computers and then lip-synched by young and attractive people, which is great until they have to play live. We all suffered through the resulting mess that was the halftime show. I would assume that somewhere in the world, someone must have thought that this was the best America can do. Wow.

Not to mention, the game was in Texas! How about some Lyle Lovett, ZZ Top, Robert Earl Keen, Joe Ely, Delbert McClinton, or any of a zillion other super-talented folks from right there in the Lone Star State? Could we have traded some hotness for talent and had Alison Krauss or Emmylou Harris sing the anthem? How about Rosie Flores or Elizabeth Cook? Ever heard of Allison Moorer? She can sing circles around Christina Aguilera, and she's a Texan! Then, to top this whole mess off, the Navy spent roughly $450,000 of our tax money to fly four F-18s from Virginia to Texas for a flyover. Which they did. Trouble is, during the winter, the retractable roof of Cowboy's Stadium is closed. So our half a mil went toward flying fighter jets over a game where they couldn't possibly be seen. That little problem never occurred to any league officials, or even the Navy? A thirty-second phone call would've saved all that cash. But nobody thought of it. So, at the end of the day, maybe "The Donald" was onto something.

On the biggest stage in history, with more people tuned in than ever before, we couldn't even provide the meaningless entertainment that fills in the gaps in a football game. Hopefully heads will roll, and, smarter people will replace the guilty parties, and we'll get it right next year.

Maybe we can get Tom Petty to come back!
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02/12/2011 10:36AM
The Super Bowl Fiasco: The Best America Can Do?
Come and leave your opinion. Fiasco or just a few technical gliches?
02/16/2011 3:50PM
02/17/2011 7:21AM
Nick Belardes
While there were many blunders, my biggest worry were the commercials. They just didn't grab me this year!
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