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by Scott Cox posted Mar 30 2014 8:10PM
stand by for news...
by Scott Cox posted Mar 30 2014 7:05PM
This drought is going to get the best of us eventually, but the blame game is already well underway. Reporters all over the state have taken note of the fact that a bunch of water users in Bakersfield aren't metered. We have discovered that there's a bunch of private water-skiing lakes south of Arvin, which has folks wondering if that's a good idea, water-wise. And this is just the beginning. Once water rationing begins, we'll all be scutinizing how much water everybody else is using. But nobody is going to conserve water here, because they know that compared to oil and ag, residential use is pretty much a drop in a bucket. But neighbor-blaming-neighbor isn't what's going to get out of contol- it's the rest of the state, and all those fellow water-starved towns that are expecting us to adopt their lofty conservation standards. Keep your eyes on state news- Bakersfield is about to be cast as the villian on this water-saving stuff.
by Scott Cox posted Jan 20 2014 3:48PM
People are wondering if this ridiculous bridge scandal will be the end of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's presidential aspirations. The correct answer is yes, but maybe not for the obvious reason. Look, this act of political vengeance has triggered the old what-did-he-know-and-when-did-he-know-it routine, and Christie has decided to go all Sgt. Schultz on everybody. He knows nothing, which may well be the case. But it won't help. People have had it with this kind of politics, and even if Christie really didn't know about it, it all went on right under his nose, which is worse for a lot of folks. And we don't have to wait for the investigations to finish up, either. The fact is that the Tea Party wants this guy out of the race just as much as the democrats do, which explains why nobody wants to be seen as coming to his aid. When George Soros AND the Koch Brothers are gunning for you, you're done. And now we all get to watch Christie let this scandal drag him under, and Hillary has seen her first challenger cut down before anyone even declared that they were running. Christie probably won't bother.
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by Scott Cox posted Dec 8 2013 3:05PM
I guess it's just part of the character of our little town, but as usual we have an epidemic of people taking the handicapped parking spaces at shopping centers around Christmastime. Great. Look, it's bad enough at any time of the year, but during December it just seems like a bigger infraction. Those spaces are for actual handicapped people, who, just like the rest of us, have to get shopping done. The fine is steep, but not nearly steep enough. I'd like to see a system where the offender isn't fined at all. Let's just crush their kneecaps with a ball peen hammer. Then they're free to keep the plaquard. Reports of idiots either parking in the handicapped spots without the proper designation are up, as are the number of idiots who use plaquards intended for other people. EIther way, it's an incredibly low-class move, and it needs to stop. It's like our litter problem. We're better than this.  At least I hope we are. 
by Scott Cox posted Dec 1 2013 11:30AM
It looks like the history of wacky business ventures in Bakersfield has a new chapter.  Interstate Bus has called it quits after one week of business. One week! After Airport Bus decided to stop losing money on shuttling people to and from LAX, Interstate came to town to take over the route. And, after 7 whole days of service, they're out. No kidding.The owner says that it's because Bakersfield customers pay in cash, and his company prefers to deal in credit. This might be the first business owner in history to turn his nose up at cash. I seriously doubt that cash is the reason for the hasty exit. They drove 300 people to LA, about a third for Thanksgiving. Apparently you can't make money doing that at $32 a head. Who knew? I hope we all find out what really went on with this deal, but i'm sure i'm not the only one not buying the official story.  I do know this- if you need a ride to LAX, you're on your own. Again.
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