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A weekend with Google Glass

by Scott Cox posted Nov 18 2013 8:42PM
I had a guy on the show last week named Tim McNeely. Tim is a tech junkie of the highest order, and he's one of the earliest testers of the long-awaited Google Glass. I'd heard about this gadget some time ago, and vowed to punch the first person I saw wearing one. But, as it turns out, Tim is a very cool cat, and also has the kind of keen intellect that one needs to explain stuff like this to guys like me. He even loaned me this little miracle for the weekend. With Google Glass, you can do everything you do with a cellphone or table computer, but without the clumsy interface. The glasses have a tiny screen above your right eye that shows you data. And since it's transparent, you can read that data while going about your business. The possibilities offered by this technology are virtually limitless. I assume that the military already has a version of Google Glass, allowing soldiers to transmit real-time information back to HQ in real time. And it's way more than just a camera. It connects to the internet, so you can surf away the hours without so much as moving your head. Bluetooth too. The intertainment applications alone are staggering. Having spent some quality time with this crazy thing, I realize that it's an early example of a very new idea, and it has some kinks to work out. But like anything from the automobile to the first computer, it will continue to get smaller, lighter, and better. One thing is for sure though- in the not-too-distant future, this thing will replace your cellphone, your Ipad, Ipod, and all of your computer monitors. Desktops in offices are about to change radically. Classrooms too. I have seen the future, and it is Google. At $1500, the Google Glass is not for me. But it will be someday, whether i like it or not.
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11/17/2013 9:03PM
A weekend with Google Glass
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