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by Hop posted Oct 18 2014 8:38PM

The new World War Two tank film, FURY, is not for the squeamish. Brad Pitt is very good (the whole cast is excellent for that matter), the mood is dark, and the battle sequences are thrilling. But the violence... mother of God, the violence.

The film takes place is the closing days of the war in Europe as Hitler is throwing whatever he can at the Allies advance into Germany, including old men, women, and children. Pitt leads his tank crew thru this hell where everything is drenched in desperation. And blood. War is never pretty, but the visuals in FURY go beyond mere metaphor. It's graphic and shocking, even by SAVING PRIVATE RYAN standards. Be prepared. I will say in its defense that the violence never feels like it's tacked on or done for shock value alone. It's a reality we don't like to think about. It has taken it's toll on the characters in FURY, who at first seem oddly cruel and aloof. But after an hour or so of watching their day to day struggle in the filth of war, we come to understand it, if not condone it.

A solid "B" rating from me. It could have been a little shorter and tighter, but a moving experience none the less.

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