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Well, that was quick...

by Scott Cox posted Dec 1 2013 11:30AM
It looks like the history of wacky business ventures in Bakersfield has a new chapter.  Interstate Bus has called it quits after one week of business. One week! After Airport Bus decided to stop losing money on shuttling people to and from LAX, Interstate came to town to take over the route. And, after 7 whole days of service, they're out. No kidding.The owner says that it's because Bakersfield customers pay in cash, and his company prefers to deal in credit. This might be the first business owner in history to turn his nose up at cash. I seriously doubt that cash is the reason for the hasty exit. They drove 300 people to LA, about a third for Thanksgiving. Apparently you can't make money doing that at $32 a head. Who knew? I hope we all find out what really went on with this deal, but i'm sure i'm not the only one not buying the official story.  I do know this- if you need a ride to LAX, you're on your own. Again.
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12/01/2013 11:40AM
Well, that was quick...
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