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Our Rich History Of Letting Clearly Guilty People Go Free

by Scott Cox posted Jul 10 2011 9:44PM
A lot of people were clearly outraged at the Casey Anthony verdict, probably because she was clearly guilty. A bunch of people have texted me the now infamous picture of Ms. Anthony next to a shot of OJ Simpson, who, by the way, was also clearly guilty.

Lloyd Grove of "The Daily Beast" wondered if we have dumbed down our country to the point where we can actually empanel a jury of citizens too dumb to sort this stuff out, or, worse yet, be misled by defense attorneys to the point of being brainwashed into rendering these cosmically ridiculous verdicts.

Ive heard from attorney friends this verdict is a sign the system works, and that in this country we don't let our citizens get railroaded by the all-powerful court system, let alone by public opinion. I can sort of see their point I guess, but it's a lot easier for me to draw a straight line from "Jersey Shore" to "The Kardashians" to "So You Think You Can Dance?," and figure out where our national mentality is going.

Factor in the power defense attorneys have in jury selection, and I'm pretty sure I could gather up a jury that would've aquitted Bin Laden. I hope I'm wrong, but I think we're building juries from pretty weak materials these days. Either that or the prosecuters are getting less and less competent, which is scarier still. Either way, this is the third one of these cases in recent memory (let's not forget our old pal Robert Blake) where the person who clearly did it just walked away.

We have a great justice system in this country, but it relies on the faith of the people to work, and that faith is being eroded. And now we add insult to injury by making/keeping these murderers famous. Casey Anthony is gonna walk out of jail Wednesday, and my guess is she'll be doing the interview circuit pretty shortly thereafter. Or reality TV. Or porn. And it's all legal, because she's "not guilty." Nice.

And don't think for a second that the media won't stoop so low as to make her a huge celebrity. Remember OJ's book "If I Did It"? Did you know that Newscorp paid him 800 grand to write that book? That's right, Rupert Murdoch and his crew found a way to make a murderer rich. The project got scrapped after some chapters got leaked to Newsweek and a horrified nation cried foul. Well, those same people, or others just like them are looking at a profit motive in Casey Anthony. And the craziest, saddest thing is, they'll find it. Look for her soon on a bookshelf or TV near you. Soon.
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07/10/2011 9:44PM
Our Rich History Of Letting Clearly Guilty People Go Free
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07/12/2011 8:07AM
Never forget the effect that TV shows have on juries. People expect evidence to clearly prove guilt, as on CSI, which in real life there is not always a great deal of evidence. Now we come to the Perry Mason effect - we expect people to confess to theircrimes , which they clearly do not do in court.
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