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Let The Finger Pointing Begin!

by Scott Cox posted Mar 30 2014 7:05PM
This drought is going to get the best of us eventually, but the blame game is already well underway. Reporters all over the state have taken note of the fact that a bunch of water users in Bakersfield aren't metered. We have discovered that there's a bunch of private water-skiing lakes south of Arvin, which has folks wondering if that's a good idea, water-wise. And this is just the beginning. Once water rationing begins, we'll all be scutinizing how much water everybody else is using. But nobody is going to conserve water here, because they know that compared to oil and ag, residential use is pretty much a drop in a bucket. But neighbor-blaming-neighbor isn't what's going to get out of contol- it's the rest of the state, and all those fellow water-starved towns that are expecting us to adopt their lofty conservation standards. Keep your eyes on state news- Bakersfield is about to be cast as the villian on this water-saving stuff.
03/30/2014 7:05PM
Let The Finger Pointing Begin!
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