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Christie is toast

by Scott Cox posted Jan 20 2014 3:48PM
People are wondering if this ridiculous bridge scandal will be the end of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's presidential aspirations. The correct answer is yes, but maybe not for the obvious reason. Look, this act of political vengeance has triggered the old what-did-he-know-and-when-did-he-know-it routine, and Christie has decided to go all Sgt. Schultz on everybody. He knows nothing, which may well be the case. But it won't help. People have had it with this kind of politics, and even if Christie really didn't know about it, it all went on right under his nose, which is worse for a lot of folks. And we don't have to wait for the investigations to finish up, either. The fact is that the Tea Party wants this guy out of the race just as much as the democrats do, which explains why nobody wants to be seen as coming to his aid. When George Soros AND the Koch Brothers are gunning for you, you're done. And now we all get to watch Christie let this scandal drag him under, and Hillary has seen her first challenger cut down before anyone even declared that they were running. Christie probably won't bother.
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01/20/2014 4:01PM
Christie is toast
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01/24/2014 8:36AM
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