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As many of you know, I began as a print reporter down south with "The Los Angeles Sentinel", a black weekly in South Central and started my professional career here with "The Bakersfield Californian". So I could not have been happier when "The Suits" here hit me up about writing a blog.

My goal: to write twice maybe three times a week delving deeper into issues talked about on the show or reaching out to subjects that, for whatever reason, we didn't tackle on the broadcast. In the meantime, if you have topic ideas or want to comment on past blogs feel free to contact me at the website or via e mail at ralphbailey@kernradio.com.

CBS Dropped the Ball on Benghazi

by Ralph Bailey posted Oct 28 2013 1:06PM
Was surprisingly but tremendously disappointed in "60 Minutes" piece on Benghazi! First, how in the world do you shed spotlight on only the sixth American Ambassador murdered WITHOUT ever mentioning the president or former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton?

CBS barely scratched the surface of the topics which comprise the crux of the entire matter: ignored pleas for help and warnings of inadequate security measures which fell on deaf ears. The buck ultimately rests with Barack Obama but head of state essentially is an ambassador’s’ “direct supervisor’. HRC must be held accountable
But the national media bias, which as a former reporter I can attest is as real as your bills, already is in full swing and are lined up to provide Clinton cover as she makes her final last-ditch effort at the White House.
Predicting political futures is about as prosperous as betting on football, but there’s absolutely no question that the fortunes for the party have dramatically changed in the last weeks. Clearly, the party dodged a bullet by a bigger mistake grabbing the headlines: the Obamacare roll out disaster.

Moderate Democrats continue to abandon ship, at least those Democrats who are up for re-election. Many of these desperate Democrats now calling for what Republicans were screaming during the shutdown negotiations … a delay in ACA deadlines. They know that if the roll out continues to bomb and if the country doesn’t warm up to Obamacare in a hurry, their futures are cloudy, at best. Obamacare depends on young, healthy people signing up. They can’t make any money on old farts like me. And wait till they’re forced to start sending out penalties and possible jail time for folks who do not sign up. This is like a bad movie that, for the Democratic Party and unfortunately for the uninsured, can only end badly.
That’s what’s really going on!! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to hit me at: ralphbailey@kernradio.com or call the show at 842-5376. “The Ralph Bailey Show” 3-6 p.m., on Newstalk 1180 KERN.

In the meantime, I’ll see you on the radio!!
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10/28/2013 1:06PM
CBS Dropped the Ball on Benghazi
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