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Better Than X-Ray Secs?

by Scott Cox posted Nov 20 2013 5:39PM
Remember those X-ray specs we all wanted to order from old comic books as kids but never did? Well i've spent the last several days with Google Glass, which is way more advanced than anything out of any comic book. They let you take pictures, shoot video, surf the web, make calls- pretty much anything your cellphone does, but in a much more immediate way. I don't know if these things will replace cellphones, but i'm betting a lot of people will opt for them. Think about driving down the road, getting your directions pumped directly into your head, or posting pictures to social media just by looking at stuff. This is either scary-cool, or just scary. Just remember that as this new technology gets smaller and cheaper (the current price is $1500), more and more people will be wearing them. You'll never know who if someone is looking in your direction, or recording your every move. This aises some serious and immediate privacy issues. Between computer glasses, drones, sattelite cameras and govenrment phone monitoring, we're living the golden age for the paranoid. Let's hope that these glasses are used for good and not for evil. Hey- we can hope.
11/20/2013 5:54PM
Better Than X-Ray Secs?
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