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As many of you know, I began as a print reporter down south with "The Los Angeles Sentinel", a black weekly in South Central and started my professional career here with "The Bakersfield Californian". So I could not have been happier when "The Suits" here hit me up about writing a blog.

My goal: to write twice maybe three times a week delving deeper into issues talked about on the show or reaching out to subjects that, for whatever reason, we didn't tackle on the broadcast. In the meantime, if you have topic ideas or want to comment on past blogs feel free to contact me at the website or via e mail at ralphbailey@kernradio.com.

Best Flms of All Time

by Ralph Bailey posted Jan 24 2014 3:04PM
By listener demand, here are Ralph's top 10 list Best Motion Pictures of All time

  1. Citizen’s Kane … Orson Welles film that may not be the most entertaining but inch for inch, cinematography, lighting, writing it’s technically the greatest film ever made. “Rosebud” was an affectionate term William Randolph Heart used for a part of his mistress’s body. Enough said.
  2. Casablanca … I’/m s sucker for three things that all make up this movie: intricate love stories, World War II and buddy movies, “…Louis, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”
  3. Possibly the best mob film in history. First crime movie where even honest folks had empathy for the Corleone’s.
  4. Godfather II … First sequel in history to equal and some believe bettered its original. The trip back to Corleone is epic. “Michael, say good bye!’
  5. Jaws … My grandmother always believed it was better to be lucky than good and Spielberg caught an unknown break when the shark kept breaking down. It limited the amount of time we saw the beast which added to the film’s tension! Robert Shaw steals the picture. (See below.)
  6. Stalag 17 … the film that gave rise to “Hogan’s Heroes.” Not straight out comedy byt very funny WWII film in which William Holden won the Academy Award for a sensational performance.
  7. 7) It Happened One Night … I was a young print reporter in L.A. when I first saw this and have always loved the film star’s Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert. I went to high school (Buckley) with Gable’s son, John, who never met his father. He died while John’s mother was pregnant.
  8. The Sting … saw this in 6th grade and thought it was the smartest movie I’d ever seen and it hasn’t dropped too far down the list 40 years later. Again, I say, Robert Shaw steals the picture. “But that’s my money in there!!!!!!!!”
  9. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner … My mother, wife of a med student in his residency at the time, took me and told me not to say anything to anybody. (GWCD was a controversial racial movie in the 60s.) And what did big mouth do, told anyone I saw at school the next day. Sir Sidney Poitier should have won an Academy Award and it was Spencer Tracy’s last film, his ninth with Katharine Hepburn and he died weeks before its release. He never saw the film.
  10. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof … Southern family fight over the millions left by the dying patriarch who’s in denial about his demise. Great movie if for no other reason than a young Elizabeth Taylor running around in a slip for half the film. But Paul Newman is great and Burl Ives, who won an Academy Award, is sensational!
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01/24/2014 3:04PM
Best Flms of All Time
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