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GOP Field Back To A Two-Man Race?

by Scott Cox posted Sep 25 2011 8:33PM
WIth Texas Governor Rick Perry's latest epic debate fail, it was looking like Mitt Romney might be the last man standing. But that presented a huge problem for the GOP, as a whole lot of Republicans don't much care for Romney.

Well, it looks like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie may be riding in to save the day. He said that he wouldn't run no matter what about six minths ago, but looking over the current field of candidates, he must have known he had a shot. And apparently a bunch of deep-pocketed GOP fundraising types agree, and once again there'e a full-court press on to drag Christie into the race. And we all know that money talks.

Personally, I hope the guy goes for it. He's clearly better than anyone of the current crop. He's smart, he's principled, and he doesn't back down from a fight. Hey, we might get someone in a debate who'll actually answer a question. That would be cool. The style consultants say he can't win because he's fat, but i'm not buying that. This country is facing some monumental challenges, so I think it's high time we went with substance over style. I just hope the rest of the country feels the same.

As for Perry, he can always go back and run Texas. It's still a pretty great job, and the parts of the state that aren't currently on fire are still pretty great. Of course the really great parts of the state are the ones where Perry has the least support, but he seems to have figured out the whole re-election thing. And Mitt can go back to adding on to his LaJolla mansion. That's a pretty big project, and should keep him occupied for some time. As for the rest of the field, they can all write books, then promote them on each other's shows on Fox. I'm also willing to bet that more than a couple of them will drop out as soon as Christie announces. I don't think any of them want any part of him in a debate.

Christie is supposed to be making his decision in the next couple of days, and i'm keeping my fingers crossed. And who knows? Maybe Marco Rubio will be inspired to throw his hat in as well. He'd make a solid VP. Let's all give this thing a week or two and see what shakes out. I'm guessing it will be good news for the party, and for the country too.
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09/25/2011 8:55PM
GOP Field back to a 2 man race?
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